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 to everyone in sol

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PostSubject: to everyone in sol   to everyone in sol Icon_minitimeMon Sep 14, 2009 2:46 pm

to primus, evolution, chaos, and everyone else. im sorry at about 10:30 est last night (9:30 for you primus). My dad shut off the server at about that time and i got caught, he took away my network adapter from my ps2 and now i cannot get on the ps2 next friday. so pretty much i got punished for two weeks. my dad hates when im up late. so the only thing i can do for you guys is give you access to my paid server and my downloaded server for now. the paid one you will always have access to. but my downloaded, if my computer shuts down then it wont work. but primus evo and dakotah, you have the same info to the paid server but the ip is: this time. anyway good luck to you guys and i should be back on in 2 weeks.
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to everyone in sol
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